Hi Leo, yah I finished reading it. It was so wonderful story and I love it! I hate reading books but I finished it for about 1 day=) I wish it was all real...She's really a good person, singer, drummer...and she would have been also a great mom...and a great wife.
I love it! there were parts there that while i was reading them I was really teary eyed, like when Adam was brought to the hospital and she kept saying that "please don't leave me!" it's like she was really the one who's talking. Love you Karen! & thanks leo for the wonderful story!

Hi Leo! I've finished reading your book 4 hours ago. All I can say is WOW! Amazing!
How I wish that there's really a real Leo Adam Alba III who can send her back today and love her more than himself, she would have never been died... I love the story of "Faith, Love & Trust" that the message of the book was always saying...the undying love of Adam for Karen really makes the impossible be possible for him & Karen. And I am so happy while reading your book thinking that it's really happening in the reality...Every time I read Karen lines, it seems like she was really the one talkin'... Thanks so much for a wonderful story you've made...Thanks so much for bringing Karen back in our memory even for a moment:) It's really inspiring:)

Hi Leo, have been trying to think how to put into proper sentences what I want to say about your book, but I'm no good at that, so I will just tell you what I think & hope you can make sense of it. At first the whole idea behind the book made me a bit unsure, but I think that is just because I'm not into science fiction type things, time travel & all of that, & I was worried that it would give out the wrong image of Karen. But once I started it I couldn't stop. Well, I read the first chapter several times but made myself put the book down because I knew I didn't have time to read it all & thats exactly what I would do if I got into the book. But once I started reading it properly I couldn't put it down, didn't want it to end, & have had several dreams about it. It gives a side to Karen that not many people got to know, the private side of her, rather than the happy go lucky singer that everyone saw. The story was all the more "real" because fans can picture her saying the things in the book, they can have the image of her as she's doing the recordings, the concerts, we can picture Richard as well, & his perfectionism, knowing that for him to have warmed to someone dating then marrying his sister they had to be a pretty special person. It tells of a fate everyone wishes had come true, if only Karen's life had played out like in the book then I think a lot would be different in the world today, especially in the music industry & with eating disorders. I think the mentioning of her ED was a bit too brief, it seemed to casually just mention it then move away from it, yet it was basically a big part of her life & we both know that when you have an ED it is basically the only thing in your life you can think about, but that may just be my opinion because I'm used to reading very detailed stories about a persons ED. I loved the book, didn't want it to end & find myself quoting bits of the story to people who have no idea what the hell I'm on about, & who think I am insane, but then it gives me a slight high to realize that I am one of the lucky people who gets to see what Karen's life could have become. As I got nearer to the end I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't real, that no matter how much I wanted it to be it would never turn out like in the book & I started slowing down on how much I read because I wanted to try & make the dream last as long as possible. Thank you Leo for writing it, for giving us a chance to dream, for giving Karen the happy life she longed for & so deserved.

Loved loved loved this book! I'm getting it for my mom for Xmas.

Hey Leo...Well I just finished reading Leave Yesterday Behind and it was wonderful...It was if Karen was alive again!! For awhile...I hated to see it end! Thanks!!

"Leo, I just finished the book. What an amazing job your did.  It was a love story of a lifetime. I love the motto Have faith, trust and love..very true to live by. What a different outcome in life love makes! My mom said you were in the process of writing another book. I can’t wait!!"

"Sorry I haven't gotten around to writing this until now! Your book was amazing! Like I've said before, I just adore Adam! I felt so involved in the characters' lives that I was actually moved to tears a couple of times-very romantic! You do a fabulous job at holding the readers' interest! Please let me know when to expect the sequel! BTW, I'm gonna post a review on Amazon, too!"

Leave Yesterday Behind, by Leo Mark Bonaventura, is a delicious love story about what many Carpenters fans have dreamed about for years. We wonder and dream about the music that would have been if our wonderful and beloved Karen had survived anorexia and went on to live a full life. The story is a time travel odyssey that takes the reader back to 1975, where Adam Alba goes to stop the self destruct track that Karen Carpenter is on. Alba successfully helps Karen to realize that she is worth all the love, affection, and devotion she desires from that one man who is her dream man. Alba is willing to give up his life to save hers. His life depends on her love as well. There is a plethora of lust and steamy romance, and isn't that what Karen Carpenter should have had in her life? Not only was Adam Alba her dream man and her dream husband because of his unconditional love and acceptance and desire for her; he was also the father of her little Aggie. Alba brings Karen to the present and leaves the reader hungry for more! What will happen now that Karen Carpenter has resurfaced? We will see when Bonaventura is finished with the sequel. Oh, if Karen could have only experienced such happiness.
Judi Veitz, MLS

"Hi Leo, The book is amazing, I am just about finished it but what I have read so far has blown me away. Thank you for sending it to me I really appreciate it."
CG, New Zealand

"I started reading your book yesterday and I'm more than halfway through it! I absolutely love it! Wish I had a guy like Adam!"

Received the book today and Debbie dove right in. Debbie says that Karen always wanted a family and Karen always told us she wanted a family especially when she came to see our newborn son Jamie. I'll send you a copy of the picture of Karen holding Jamie. The picture was taken at Debbie's parents home. Thanks again and if you want to hear about any personal experiences we had over the years with Karen we don't mind sharing. Again thanks so much for the book it will be treasured and will be a part of our family library.
C.J. and Debbie

You can't imagine how happy I'm cause you answered my message. Well, first of all sorry for my English. I speak portuguese so...I'm Brazilian from Sao Paulo. I saw your book in site and went crazy. I imported it and read it in a week. It's amazing. You know, I love Karen Carpenter. By coincidence I saw Gold DVD and fallen in love with her voice, her way of sing, her interpretation. So, I started to research everything about her and Carpenter's songs. It's not easy for me to buy imported CD but I saved money and bought some. I read many articles about her and watched many interviews and T.V programs at Youtube.

What I'm trying to say to you is how deeply touched I was when I discovered someone who loves her as I do and wrote many things I have in my mind. That's really incredible. In your dedication you thanked Karen for her inspirations that led you to the story. I completely believe she touched your soul as she touched mine and from many others. But you did something. You wrote a book changing her sadness in true happiness and true love. You did it for her and for a million of people who believe in love but had never found it. It's hard for me explain in English how I feel about your story but I hope you can understand me.

I finished the book and whoooeee. You really made Karen so real and loving in more ways than I'd ever imagine. Super story and hope there's a sequel coming. Can't wait.

I just want to say that even though I am not finished yet with the book (almost) I highly recommend this book to any and all Carpenter fans. The story is so real it is nice to see Karen not going downhill with her Anorexia. I hope there will be a sequel and even a movie?????

Just finished it - Loved it! Wish we could all go back and "rescue" our long-gone favorites, or turn back time!

I want to sincerely "Thank You" from my son (Tim Jr.) and I...we just received your book today. I got home from work and once I started reading it I could not put it down, it just draws you in and makes you want is one of the most brilliant reads ever. :) Thanks so so much, we appreciate this beautiful writing!!!
Sincerely, Melissa

I love the book...I enjoyed it. Tender, funny, very romantic. When is Part 2 coming out?? lol I am going to send it to my daughter. And I love time travel books.

Hi Leo, the book is marvelous.
Best, Tim

"Leo, Book=WOW and GREAT!! ok I am only a third of the way in but it gets a grip on you and you can't put it down. I see myself actually watching it happen as I read it. But I am just odd that way. I put myself in the characters mind and become them."


Your incredible story and words of beauty about an Alternative Timeline Karen Anne Carpenter is far to awesome for me to ramble on forever about details. So instead, I give to you the result of the inspiration your story has given me. To sincerely thank you for bringing such a beautiful love story about an Alternative Timeline Karen Anne Carpenter to life.

I am Still Alive

You made me laugh
You made me cry
You made me wonder why

Is Faith, Trust and Love?
The way to set us free?
With Faith, Trust and Love,
There becomes a you and me

And because of you
The demons have gone away
Now because of you
I am still alive today

You made me pray
You made me strive
You made my dream come alive

Your Faith, Trust and Love
Is what has set me free
Your Faith, Trust and Love
Created the you and me

And all because of you
The pain has gone away
Now all because of you
I am still alive today

I love you forever
That's a very long time
I love you forever
No need to say goodbye

We will never say goodbye

For Leo Mark Bonaventura and
The Alternative Timeline Karen Anne Carpenter he brought to life

by Paul Maranto

Leo, I am totally awestruck by your literary ability. I would have to say that your book is extremely well-written and imaginative. I would also have to add that your book ranks right up there with "Les Miserables" in terms of its poignancy. Good job ! You may want to see about sending a transcript of your story to a key person in Hollywood, so that they can convert your story into a major motion picture ...

Something very important, I finished your book! Took a while, yes I know. I just didn't want the story to end. I loved it, thank you so much for writing it. Some very clever ideas on the time travel concept, and hilarious one-liners that cracked me up.
Well done. I can't wait to read the sequel. Let me know if I can help in any way.

HI Leo, I got your book last night and have finished reading it. It was very good. karen is such a sexual dynamite. this is really the first fiction book I have read. You really had me laughing many times. the graphic details are wonderful. I know karen would wear bikinis, but totally nude? she was really shocking me. karen and adam must of took 3 showers a day together. I wonder if everyone who has a sexual relationship with someone else has a similar passion for each other. I'm autistic so I will never experience love like this. sexual relationships have always been foreign to me. This book really explains it well, that love and sex far outweigh time. I don't know how you came up to this idea about time travel and falling in love with some one on a different time plane. totally makes sense but also totally uncomprehendable. thanks for the wonderful story. it makes me feel good about karen being alive. one question, were you a die hard karen fan most of your life?
Love heather. born feb 19, 1975!!!!!!!

The book is written fantastically well, the story was well thought out and I would recommend it to any Karen Carpenter fan, I enjoyed reading the book and I cannot wait for the sequel to come out. Rebecca Wooding, UK

Thank you Leo for writing a great book, I have never enjoyed a book so much, you do have a good sense of humor! Becky x

Ordered the book online from Barnes and Noble and received it in the mail this week and I am halfway through the book.....So far the plot is very good and reading the book with Carpenters music softly playing in the background at my house really gets me into the book......Leo is right.....There are parts of the book where I get a little misty-eyed and wishing that KC had been able to find that kind of happiness....It makes me wish that I was Adam Alba......I understand from a previous reply from the author, Leo Mark Bonaventura, that he is halfway through writing a sequel......I will definitely buy that book when it comes out. Bruce

I just finished the book and I have to say, I really enjoyed reading it. I just wish it wasn't fiction, cause that would mean Karen was still with us.
Thanks again Leo, you did an excellent job on the book. I can't wait for a sequel because I want to know what happens next!!! Cindy

Just a warning, if you buy Leo’s book-it has some steamy scenes that may not be appropriate for the under 18’s. I’m not bothered by them, just letting the younger fans know…ZB, N.Carolina

I just wanted to say that I am reading the book and… I really like it so far. I’m a super KC fan, so I had to get it…I need to slow down, but of course I want to see what happens next!! SG

I am almost through. Makes me wish it wasn’t fiction… SG

Up to page 55 and counting. Randa is engrossed, do not disturb… MB, Victoria, Australia

I'm hesitant to finish reading it because I don’t want it to end yet. MB, Australia

Leo, I’ve read the first two chapters and I just love this book. I can’t wait to read more!

I love to read, but I have to say I’m the kind of reader that if I'm not “hooked” by the first chapter, I’ll put the book down and usually never finish it. Not this book though! Not only is it about a subject I dearly love, Karen Carpenter, but it's just a great read. Once I am hooked though, I hate putting a book down! Unfortunately for me, work gets in the way!!! LOL

Okay, gotta get off the computer so I can go read some more! CFA, McDonough, GA

I have a feeling, I’ll be just like you as I near the end - I won't want the book to end!! MA. Phoenix, AZ